Ghostly Swim, Stimulas Payment Dates, Foals

I'm at work now and feeling annoyed about things so I'll distract myself with a little blogging action. One thing helping me to deal with the annoying private party taking place in the room right next to my desk is a nice album at a loud volume. Music For Robots alerted me to this one. I do actually read a ton of other music blogs, but they've been on point for me lately.

The album is a compilation of tracks from artists on a label called Ghostly International and it's put together by them and the folks at Adult Swim (and Toyota, it seems). Like the Scion sponsored free show I attended at Smartbar last night, it's a smooth marketing tool. That said, it's a great compilation and it's free to stream or download. Frankly, I think Adult Swim and Toyota are cooler for it. The Smartbar show last night was just ok, so I now think Scion is less cool than I did at this time yesterday. That's marketing in action kids.

The album itself is all over since its a comp, but Matthew Dear is on the label so that should explain a little about where it's coming from.


Kelly alerted me to this page that helps you find out when our $300/$600 check is coming from Uncle Sam.

Stimulus Payment Schedule


I've been digging the recent album by Foals. It's on Sub Pop and here's a video that premiered on Pitchfork TV today and it's called Red Socks Pugie. I may see them Saturday at Subterranean. MP3 below.