Lumberjack Breakfast, Quiet Village

One of the many perks of my job is a flexible schedule. Today I have an intern that's not coming in until 4 and I'm staying in that neighborhood until 10 so I can hit the LA Riots free show at Smartbar (WOOO! DANCE PARTY).

Lately breakfast has been a lot of oatmeal or a bowl of cereal with some fruit put on either, but once or twice I week I go big. Today I fried two eggs over easy, put them on buttered toast and covered that with my favorite Trader Joes's find of late, hollandaise sauce. I also covered two blueberry waffles in maple syrup and fried an apple-chicken sausage which was halved. Add a tall glass of whole milk and a clementine and you've got a hearty breakfast that probably weighs in at almost 1000 calories. Good thing it's biking season again.


Right this minute, I'm listening to this new Quiet Village album I found out from one of my favorite music blogs, Music For Robots. Here's another track I like and an excuse for me to learn how to host MP3s on Stiles Wolfmobile.

Quiet Village
- Pacific Rhythm


Katy said...

This is my favorite posting by far. I can't wait for you to prepare a meal that includes a swirl of ketchup down the middle of your plate. I also am excited for you to post a tirade about something you hate, perhaps obese people.

cloois said...

your breakfast game is & remains sick.