Lame Tech Gear, GPS, Dialogue: Incorporated

Wired reviews the "Lamest Fetish Items Ever: Gear Lust Gone Bad, 1993-1995". Here are a few favorites...

The Netsurfer ($4,869)
huh... reminds me of this thing designed 5 years later.

The Key ($400)

The Powerglove ($100)


Ok, so I know I'm kind of obsessed with Fareed Zakaria, but he's everywhere lately. I just discovered he has a show debuting Sunday at noon (central) on CNN called Fareed Zakaria GPS. Yes, yes, you're a man of the world, I get the point and love you for it. Anyway, his guest on this premier episode is Tony Blair. Nice get, as they say in the biz (I'm told). I'll try to limit my Fareed mentions from now on and maybe I should finally pony up for his book.


Here's a link to a great low key mix from my buddy Mr Joshua. He calls this mix project Dialogue: Incorporated. The current episode has treated me well on this night spent sipping beers with my laptop on the couch. It's around two hours long. He does a much more thorough job of explaining this mix than I ever could so just check out the section on his Myspace about Radio Show #3 if you want to know more about what you're hearing. Also, the Who I'd Like To Meet section is kind of deep.

Dialogue: Incorporated - Radio Show #3