My New Knickers

For the past couple years I've been progressively taking my bike nerdy-ness to higher levels. If you know me, you know I like accessories for my hobbies. That said, I make good use of these items. Such is the case with the pair of knickers I bought a few weeks ago from Wig.

The key feature of knickers is their length: good for floods and clam digging. This way I don't have to roll my pant legs up and down to prevents contact with my chain. So pesky, I tell ya! Anyway, this pair also has a reinforced crotch, a built in belt, little ties at the bottom of the legs, lots of pockets, and the company's logo. The rip-stop cotton material makes these knickers particularly tough and light as well. A couple in Albany Park, Chicago, makes these pants and a variety of messenger bags. I opted to pick the pants up myself so I could try them on since I'm in between two available sizes. In talking to the dude in charge I found out that his day job is building and fitting Kevlar vests and other bullet-proof items for Chicago cops. Because of this, he has access to bad-ass materials like those that make up my knickers. At $50, they're a bargain compared to the $100+ prices of other brands.


In the midst of a hungover Sunday spent online, I found a great mix by one of my favorite DJ teams: Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas. There's a show on BBC Radio 1 every week (I think) called Essential Mix. Basically two hours of a great DJ doing what they do. All the greats have done it. Anyway, if you feel like two hours of poppy 'space-disco', give this one a listen. I think it's pretty darn fun.

Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Essential Mix (5.6.2007)


Lawyer Jim said...

Nice capri pants.