Normal Camera Wrap Up - Part 1

I scrounged up a new memory card for the old digital camera so I've been taking it around town on my adventures for the last week or so.

Click on each picture for a larger version.

This is the inside of a hybrid CTA bus. It looks like a normal bus, except it's really quiet and I assume it uses quite a bit less gas than the normal ones. Good thing, considering their gas costs woes.

The Reliance Building

Scaffolding under the Block 37 project adorned with the "You Are Beautiful" artist's woodblock graffiti work. More about that with pictures HERE.

Block 37

Touristy, but still very pretty: Chicago Theater and the Bertram Goldberg Marina City condo building.

Under the marquee

This place on North Avenue has always amused me.

A shapely breakfast including a fluffy omelet made of cream cheese and dill.

I tried take a picture of the rainbow, but it was hiding.

This trooper was out and about though.