Panama Canal

My parents are world travelers. They probably go to four or five different countries every year. Recently they went to Panama for a week or so. These are the pictures they took of the Panama Canal. The canal is engaged in an expansion program described on the official Panama Canal this way:

The program consists in the construction of two new sets of locks - one on the Pacific and one on the Atlantic side of the Canal. Each lock will have three chambers and each chamber will have three water reutilization basins.

The program also entails the widening and deepening of existing navigational channels in Gatun Lake and the deepening of Culebra Cut.

In order to open a new 6.1 km-long access channel to connect the Pacific locks and the Culebra Cut, five dry excavation projects will be executed.

You can even follow the expansion progress on their handy webcam. The project is supposed to terminate in 2014.