Promoter's Ordinance Tabled, Sally Shapiro, Rise of the Rest

An online petition actually worked. Well, that was probably just part of what helped fend off the severely flawed Chicago promoter's ordinance. Chicago culture (and my job) remains safe for now.


Sally Shapiro is from Sweden so I like her already based on that (Stevie, are you with me on this?) She calls her work Disco House, I'd call it poppy techno, most call it Italo-Disco but I'm not so sure of that. Either way it's great production and this song is a happy way to get the day started.

Sally Shapiro - I Know

Side note: I bought this album (yes, I do buy music sometimes) on Beatport and it was my first purchase there. The site specializes in dance/electronic/DJ music and their selection is amazing if you're looking for anything remotely electronic. What also sets Beatport apart is that the tracks can be downloaded in various formats. I like MP3 and their's are 320 kbps as opposed to iTunes surprisingly low 128. Snobby perhaps, but it costs the same and sounds noticeably better.


I managed to get into the Fareed Zakaria lecture put on by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs last night. He's brilliant and my man crush for him carries on. Newsweek ran an excerpt from his new book last week and I think all American's should read it. It's full of unique incite and criticism, yet optimistic for our future.



Joe said...

My copy of "The Post-American World" came in the mail from Amazon yesterday, and I am already 100 pages deep. Your boy is a smart one.

PS Macs!!!