Camel cigs: so conscious of our world, Bike for Burgers, Logan Sq Farmer's Market

Actually, every package they send contains way to much paper. I think my exact sentiment was "this is criminally wasteful" which I also said last night for some reason I can't remember. Since they can't just mail cigarettes, they have to snag us with their fancy packaging. Even though I don't smoke, they send me this stuff because I give up my info for those free smokes folks you see at shows. I then give them to my friends so I can vicariously smoke with them.


Here's a bike ride on June 22 (at 8 am - ouch!) that ends at Hackney's, the amazing burger place in Printer's Row (I assume it's that location).


Sunday is the first day of this year's Logan Square Farmer's Market. It's not the biggest one in town, but it's worth a ride over and you can get a mean crepe from the Cook Au Vin booth. Here's a full list of vendors.