Camera Wrap-Up (6.1-6.7)

I know I've had lots of photos lately, but I do lots of stuff and like documenting some of it and there are plenty more to come. So get used to it because this is my damn blog.

Chris & Michelle after Owen's birthday party in Lincoln Park... Chi-CITY!

The three of us checked out the zoo next. I learned that the reason zebras have stripes is that when they group themselves together, the predator has a harder time singling one out.

This Chimp is named Optimus Prime.

Pat holding a picture of Neph at the Do Division street fest. Polariod has officially discontinued production of this film.

A good streetfest lineup is made even better when you can buy beer at the nearby liquor store and pour it in your cup for the rest of the day. Here's Gil Mantera's Party Dream. It was an extremely bizarre and fun set.

Then they started stripping... In spite of that (because of that?) the show was fun as hell and I recommend it. No full nudity fortunately and hilarious banter.

With my first street fest, summer is officially here.

Kristen and Seamus at Pizza Metro.

On Saturday Nick and Erin and I went to the Chalk Fest in Oz Park.

The Jesse White Tumblers were there. Pretty awesome stuff.

They only tumble to 90's party jams.