Brunch Casserole

I've been going to the farmer's market and cooking from scratch more and more lately. Recently I made a casserole to take advantage of the large bag of mushrooms I needed to use. Kate gave me this recipe which I cut by two thirds.

Here are the ingredients. I've been using a soy sausage quite a bit lately. It's one of the tastier meat substitutes out there and easy to prepare I think.

I browned the sausage in the skillet with some olive oil. The pie dish is layered with chunks of bread instead of hash browns. Since they're so much more absorbent than potatoes I ended up needing a bit more batter once it came to that point in the process. I also added diced a tomato which wasn't in the original recipe.

The recipe also said to leave it in the fridge overnight, but with the added batter and moisture from the tomatoes I figured the bread would be soaked enough that it would be fine.

45 minutes at 350° later...

I was very very happy with the result and I think I may make it again this week.

I was so happy with the casserole that I decided to cook that sweet potato I had laying around for dinner. I just did it mashed with a bit of brown sugar. Those are soy chicken nuggets (also a good meatless meat) on the side and the carrots were sauteed in butter with a dash of brown sugar. It was an orange and sugary dinner.


Kelly said...

Are you not eating meat these days? This post makes me hungry.

Kristen said...

i like that you think so mono-chormatically

Tim said...

I try to only get one or two bits of meat at most when I grocery shop, but I still eat plenty when dining out.

Nora said...
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