High Rise Farming

There was a guest on The Colbert Report last month that shared his idea of vertical farming. Give it a watch.

I think this is not only a great idea, but an inevitability. Our current agricultural techniques are not suited for the population growth we're undergoing. Since the percentage of Americans living in cities will continue to rise, why should we get all of our food from outside the city? Here's one of the design ideas. It's in Lake Michigan, so there's plenty of fresh water right there, and there are also plenty of people to do the farming. I think it just makes so much sense and I expect to see these in my lifetime.

Check out The Vertical Farm Project website.


Kristen said...

i love this idea, and the design. there is a green barge that is typically around the bay of california that grows veggies and is solar powereed. that is awesome as well.