July 3rd at Lake Michigan

Last night I had the pleasure of watching Chicago's July 3rd fireworks from a friend's parent's boat docked in Burnham Harbor just south of the aquarium.

On the way out Hannah and I stumbled upon this weird little park between Soldier Field and Field Museum. It had that soft turf stuff that's easy to fall on and each section had it's own "earth". There was Water Earth, which was a massive metal globe spinning constantly on a fountain. There was a Metal Earth that you could spin on it's axis and it had little sculptures on different parts of the planet. Below is the Stone Earth, which was carved out of a boulder. It was part of this jungle gym that we spent some time climbing around. I was having fun with the camera too. In this I'm waving my flashing LED bike bag light during the long exposure. You can kind of see my feet if you click on it.

On the way to the Roosevelt red line. I like this picture a lot.

When we got to the train the first CTA guys let me though with my bike, but the cops stopped me once I actually got the red line. It pissed me right off because I'd already paid my $2 and it was almost 3 hours after the fireworks finished and I could tell it wasn't crowded. Some cops are cool, some are stubborn pigs. Hannah went on her way and I took a long leisurely ride home which gave me time to stop and take pictures.

Chicago is so patriotic.

Happy Birthday America!!!

I know these are similar, but I couldn't pick one over the other and I like them both.

Happy 4th of July!


Bill said...

Nice work on the photos