Organic Muffins


As most of you already know, I have the privilege of living with Mr. TJ Stephans. And as much as I love talking shit about him, we really have become two peas in a pod. Tim and I are coming up on our two-year anniversary of living together this September, and the one Tim attribute that has rubbed off on me the most over this span of time is his love for organic products. I used to scoff at the idea of spending extra money on seemingly similar products, but Tim has made me a changed woman.

Over the past weekend, I picked up some blueberries at the Amish store in Michigan. I had no plans today and decided to make some low-fat blueberry bran muffins. So I did and it wasn’t until after I took them out of the oven that I realized that almost all of the ingredients I put into the muffins were organic (I could list the ingredients here TJS style, but here’s a link to the recipe instead.

I had no intention of making organic low-fat blueberry bran muffins, but because of my two-year cohabitation with Tim, that’s just the way they turned out. He really is making the world a better place… one person at a time.


Tim said...

Why bother with organic foods? What makes "a good DJ"? Both topics to be addressed in the future on Stiles' Wolfmobile.

Stevie said...

"How is it possible to stroke tim's ego even more?" is another good topic.

Grecian Gringo said...

organic food = inefficient use of arable land....nothing more I love than stuffing my face w/ GM foods.

Grecian Gringo said...

wolfman, taking the idea from the onion, I would love do to point/counterpoint blog with u on this matter. Nothing more I love than ripping neo-hippies an new asshole.

Tim said...

The exclussive post about this is pointless cuz neither of us really know shit about it. Just go to the obvious authority.


Fact is I like organic because I want my food to be real food and I believe it generally tastes better. It helps if it's not factory farmed, in my opinion, too. Also, in my 10 minute internet search it seems like there are as many studies to say the yield difference is negligible (or even better for organic) as there are studies that say conventional framing is twice as effective. I also can't help but think that soil full of roundup is worse that real soil.

In the future we'll all be farming vertically anyway, so the land use issue will be dealt with then, right?

catfish said...

a 10 min internet will also produce numerous studies that say organic farms produce as little as half the output of conventional farming, including studies sited on the pasted wiki page above.

but u r correct, vertical farming is the future. i really cant wait for matrix-like food incubators tended by robots.

Tim said...

So "the science is still out" as George Bush used to say about global warming. Perhaps we should just stick to vending machines until the vertical farms rise.