Lake House Pictures

Jesus, I'm far behind with my pictures. Expect tons and tons more in the coming days. These are from the weekend of July 11. About 16 of us went to Kate's lake house in Sturgis, Michigan. Success all around.

While shucking this corn we found an ear with a big worm in it. The rest was great though.

Malko drank a considerable amount of lake water and got a little sick.

Ryan and Booze spent an unreasonable amount of money on fireworks. They were pretty and loud though. Malko didn't like them.

but he did like the affection Chris offered him. Look how happy they are.

Here are a few pictures from Desi's more comprehensive Flickr set. Give that a look, why don't ya.

Fun times all around. Julie's short movie about the weekend is on the way I believe.


TomC said...

Mike in shorts? Is this the end of the world?

Kelly said...

Mike in braids? So hot.