Millenium Bike Storage, My Flat

Because they are clearly the healthiest company I know of, McDonald's acquired the naming rights to the fancy McDonald's Cycle Center in Millennium Park. I'd heard the place was impressive and I had to chance to tour it recently.

The facility is open to single day use for a fee and Chicagoans can also get memberships. I gather it fills up quickly, but I've never tried myself.

Some of the bike are stored in racks that are stacked.

This list of regulations states that you can shower and rent a locker for $3 per day.

They've got all the amenities.

I can only assume something is powered by these solar pannels. Maybe they're just leftover from the Exelon Pavilions.

Here's a clever feature: all the stairways have a tire-wide groove on either side so you can easily walk your bike up and down without having to carry it.

More indoor bike storage...

Lockers, the bike service center.

Exterior view from the rear of the building...

All in all, the place is really impressive. It could certainly accomidate more people, but I guess it's a good thing that loop bikers are clamoring to get into this place. It's also a nice display of Chicago's commitment to it's cyclists. Find out more about it here.


This morning I went on the "preview-ride" for the Boulevard Lakefront Tour. I woke at 6:45 and took two trains and a short ride to 49th & Woodlawn, which is the heart of University of Chicago. Our group opted to preview the southern leg of the ride and I was ready for it too. The majority of our posse was considerably older than me and they thought my decision to bring my fixed gear bike on a 40 mile ride was humorous. I managed to get a severe flat and, of course, I had no extra tube or anything that would get me out of that bind. A couple of the riders did their best to help me out, but the repair didn't hold and it was decided that I would have to find my own way home. This all went down at 92nd and Kingston, which is very far from my home in Logan square. By the time I completed a 25 minute bus ride just to reach the southern-most station of the Red Line, this much was clear. After about 90 minutes of CTA action I was back in the arms of Boulevard Bikes where I fixed my tire. The whole thing was actually fairly entertaining and could have been worse and the weather was perfect too. I was reminded today that Chicago is a huge city. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Some crazy sculpture on the U of C campus...

Hyde Park and The University of Chicago campus are both beautiful and covered in green.

This is a Vietnam memorial we encountered shortly before my debilitating flat tire.

Heading north on the red line, my first sighting of the Sears Tower.

35th/Sox. Getting there.



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those bike grooves are all sweden and denmark as well. ingenious design? swedes? suprise!

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