FactCheck.org has been awesome lately. Mostly because the candidates, especially the McSame-Bush jerks, have been stretching the truth and flat-out lying gratuitously in their ads and speeches. Factcheck itself was even misquoted in a McCain ad. So post-modern.
People say that in politics, all you have to do is keep saying things and people will start to believe it. Hopefully this site will buck that trend.

Sorry Stevie. Video and politics together in one bunch.

I know everything's been unoriginal around here lately. Work's a little nuts, but I should be back on the ball next week. Guest blogs welcome though.


Stevie said...

I hate nothing more than videos and politics. This kind of smut is ruining our beloved blog and is quite frankly boring the shit out of me on a daily basis. I know Tim’s “busy” living the life but my 3:30 slump buster was so disappointing today, I figured I’d comment a little bit about postmodernism. As we all know, I work in the arts, so every fucking thing begins with a conversation about a prefix (post-, pre-, neo-). Post-post modernism is actually a discourse now. Point is, making mistakes or misquoting sources in advertisements or political propaganda does not warrant a moniker of postmodern. I’ll ask Miguel to get on wikipedia and prove me right on this one. To be postmodern is to exist in a post-industrial late stage capitalist culture, where resources- historical, contemporary, and yet to exist - are myriad. In the arts, this means pastiche, a state of art defined by a bunch of shit jumbled together. It is a return to the aesthetic, an over the top cluster fuck of styles and materials (a la Jeff Koons and the entire city of Las Vegas). Frederic Jameson, in his authoritative text, explains that postmodernism was a denunciation of the modern, but itself represented an entirely new era (stage in capitalism) with new cultural/social/political/economic problematics.
Just read it yourselves:

We all went to DePaul and majored in weed smoking and communication, so we can debate these semantics all the day long. BUT Tim, there is no room to sully a perfectly good word with your liberalism and ne’er-do-well videos. Now let’s get atop the van, turn up the Beach Boys, and fucking do this shit.

Tim said...

Best comment ever.

Anyone know what word I'm looking for? A website exists for the sole purpose of correcting untruths. Said website is then used as a source in another untruth. Hmm...

Stevie, with that blindingly clear explanation of the phrase post-modern, it's shocking that anyone could use it incorrectly.

Joe said...

But what about "post-rock", my least favorite genre moniker (next to "screamo"?

Stevie said...


The Chicago-area "post-rock" blog entitled I'm the most important fucking person in the world offers a good explanation of the subject:


(I know, brutal blog name)