Music I'm Diggin': Lake

Last week at work we got the promo copies for an upcoming show by a band called Lake. I was sold on the album two song in. Their new album, "Oh, The Places We'll Go" is out October 21 on K Records. They describe it, much better than I could, like this...

On their first K release, LAKE crafts up-beat, dance-able, psychedelic, uniquely sincere and unaffected pop songs, ranging from the jubilant, echoey, post-soul groove of Heaven to the sweet, polyrhythmic Green Arrows-inspired Bad Dream. Recorded at home, largely on cassette 8-track, this album, actually LAKE's third, has a slightly lo-fi, homemade feel as well showing evidence of their influence from prolific artists Karl Blau and R. Stevie Moore. Oh, the Places We’ll Go represents a new direction for LAKE – more synthesizers, more up-beat, rhythmically-based songwriting – but it is also in keeping with their aesthetic, with contributing horn players and percussionists, male and female singers, group harmonies, sweet melodies and homespun production.

I'll confess that I don't know Karl Blau and R. Stevie Moore, but this album is still a great listen. Very breezy, but not cheesy. I've listened to the whole thing at least once a day since I got my mitts on it last week. Below are two of my favorite tunes from the disc.

Lake - Blue Ocean Blue
Lake - Oh, The Places Two

Listen to more Lake here and check them out at Schubas on November 18 if you like it.