Pitchfork Music Festival 2008

Only a month later, here are a few pictures from this year's Pitchfork. The weather was perfect compared to year's past.

Perfect, except for Saturday morning. Kate brought along her nice 13 year-old cousin Kendel. I gather she really enjoyed the day.

Dizzee Rascal from the backside...

... and wave 'em like you just don't care...

My friend's kid, Cale. This is one of his poses. Note the galoshes.

The newly located third stage. A great move, says this fest-goer.

I only ended up at the Atlas Sound set because Bradford is from Atlanta and he's an acquaintance of Hannah and she knew she'd run into some ATL folk. Pitchfork loves this guy more than I love bikes, Obama and sustainability combined. This annoys the hell out of me so I expected the worst. Turns out it was a very entertaining set of one-man-band music. Also, he's a nice and funny dude.

Owen, Myra enjoying Jarvis Cocker.

Me and my favorite member of !!!, Shannon Funchess.

Another panoramic mash up. This is from the roof of the new Bottom Lounge on Lake street right by Union Park. It's a massive space and pretty well done.

Dancing at some afterparty at Sonotheque. Look at all that white, pink and black.

I'm off to Michigan City now for the second annual Schubas lake house trip. Have a nice Labor Day.


Nora said...

I met Shannon at a friend's bbq a few weeks ago, and then ran into her at an arts festival shortly thereafter. She's a solid lady.

thetiniestspark said...

madness! it's a small blogger world. i found you via syntheticpubes linking to your blog, to see (via your links) that you work exactly one half-block from my mom's front door. we are only separated by money and god (that church & that bank). do you eat lula's seventeen times a day? i would.

Tim said...

Yes, Lula rules and I eat there when I can afford it, which is not often enough.
Does your mom work at Winestyles? That's my go-to spot for the vino. Have fun in London.

Tim said...

oh wait, I misread what you wrote. Anyway, happy Wednesday.