Jenny's Endorsements

If you live in Chicago, plan on voting and think you're on the same page as I am with regard to the issues of our day, perhaps you'd benefit from my friend Jenny's endorsements.

A few nights ago I stumbled upon the ballot I would see when I went to vote. I had planned on doing the early voting thing the next day, but was so overwhelmed by all the different things I'd be expected to decide on that I figured I'd wait for Jenny's endorsements to come out. She's an intelligent person who feels the same way I do on just about every issue and she's taken lots of time to thoroughly research all the candidates and issues on the Chicago ballot. She explains how she decides who to endorse here:

My political beliefs are largely influenced by the Catholic social teaching I was brought up with in my family and in my schools. I won’t bore you with the details, but the main tenants of Catholic Social Teaching include respect for the life and dignity for all people, call to community, preferential option for the poor and vulnerable, rights and responsibilities of a decent life, dignity of the worker, solidarity and care for creation. My interpretation of these tenants means I support things like - nonviolence, peace and prevention of international conflict, rescue and care for people in crisis domestically and internationally, the right to unionize, economic opportunities for jobseekers and small businesses, educational opportunities including college financial aid, universal healthcare for all adults and children, universal civil rights for all people (including the right to marry), comprehensive sex education and reproductive rights including abortion, violence prevention and response, fair housing, emergency response for crisis situations, ending of global warming and increasing of renewable energy sources, and solidarity with other humans across the globe.

Of course, not all the candidates I choose will embody all of these values, but I try to choose the person who represents most of them and can do the most amount of good for the most amount of people.

Lucky for me I agree with her pretty much entirely so I'm happy to follow her endorsements in a sheep-like fashion. Voters are permitted to bring reference materials into the booth so I'll oblige.

Early voting in Chicago runs through October 30 and is extremely swift and efficient according to my friends who've taken part already. Here's a list of locations. To see what your ballot will look like and do your own research click here. Otherwise find your polling place for November 4 here. If you haven't registered yet then you're screwed.