Lollapalooza 2008

Next in our series of months old photos: Lollapalooza 2008. It was a fun one. The weather was pretty much perfect, I saw some new music and I got to bask in the VIP life for a few days.

This stage, called Perry's, was a new addition to the festival this year. It was supposed to be like a club, so there were fancy lights and great sound surrounding the proverbial dance floor. Most of the festival's DJs did their thing here this year and I did my fair share of shaking a fist and bobbing my head. I went up on stage with some friends for Matt Roan and E6's set and that was a blast. Hannah watched and laughed. Later that day in line for a bathroom someone said, "hey didn't I see you DJ earlier today?" This picture is from Mano's set on Friday.

Fauzia and I met up to watch Radiohead close Friday night. Their lights were amazing and it was clear that playing before 50,000 people was nothing new for them. We were almost at the opposite end of the field and our view was great, but these kids sacrificed their crotches for a better angle.

Some unofficial fireworks coinciding with their set...

Buckingham fountain, at the center of the festival grounds (Grant Park), was lit from all angles.

I always get a kick out of seeing large groups of people flipping out to techno. This was around 3 pm in the 80 degree sun to the German, electro-house stylings of Booka Shade.

Hannah and I watching the Germans...

Later that day I reported to the BMI stage to get to work as a "tech assistant" for Bald Eagle's DJ set. This easy hour of stage display setup help got me the amazing artist wristband.That meant entry to the festival for 3 days, backstage access, all the alcohol and water I wanted, even golf cart rides between stages if I wanted. Thanks again Chris!

Oh Snap!! gearing up to guest MC with Chris. His rendition of I'm Too Fat To Be A Hipster (Cuz Skinny Jeans Don't Come In My Size) was well received. He also does a number called Bill Cosby Sweater. A very literal wardrobe that day.

This might have been my favorite stage for the trees alone.

A not uncommon Chicago scene: Hollywood Holt on the mic crowd-surfing.

And then the mask came out. Click on this photos for a whole series of (much better) pictures from the days.

During the Girl Talk set. The crowd control during his shows is always really crazy, but this one actually scared me a little. Near the end of it the stage started bending in and people were rushed off.

A smashed together panoramic of mine from the south east corner of the Grant Park...

Golf cartin'...

Megan and Colin...

Molly and Tom...

Danny Masterson (DJ Momjeans) badly DJing fun music.

Lots of young girls were loving this.

End of day 2. Wilco in the distance.

I biked home and saw the Navy Pier Saturday night fireworks from lower Lake Shore Drive. Damn, I'm starting to miss summer already. Fall's cool though. Hoody weather.

Sunday was the longest day for me. I made it early enough to see OFFICE, around 1 pm I think, and it was a great way to start the day. I really dig most of their new material.

Next we strolled right over to Perry's (pretty awful name, but whatever) for E6 and Matt Roan's set. It was a good time and their 90 minute set was excellently prepared and executed, in this man's opinion.

Check out Matt's photos from the day.

My camera's battery died around this time so I just took a few others on my cell phone.

Kanye's set wrapped up the weekend. I'd never seen one of his shows and I snuck into the Lolla Lounge for a better view. It was worth it and I'm glad I stuck it out till the end. Right at the end of his set I went behind the stage to see if I could get a picture of him. There were about 20 other people doing the same thing. Our view was blocked by five black SUVs and he somehow snuck into one of them. I guess it kind of warrants that type of entourage since the people trying to take pictures were in the VIP area.

All in all, I think Lollapalooza 2008 was right up there with the second one in Chicago (year one was about 100 degrees and decidedly un-VIP). The weather was great, I got to see lots of friends perform, the bike valet was in full effect so I could bike there and back, and I had great company along with me.


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