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Dr Radical sent me this Stiles related news report...

It’s official—he’s Greg White no more

He’s still No. 91 in pewter, but he’s no longer Greg White.

Tampa Bay’s second-year DE has officially changed his name. On Monday, a Hillsborough County Circuit Court granted White’s request to change his name from Gregory Alphonso White Jr. to Stylez G, White.

Circuit Judge Steve Scott Stephens signed off on White’s petition and as White walked through the Bucs locker room Monday, he gleefully distributed copies of the final judgment.

White said he picked his new name from a character in the 1985 movie “Teen Wolf,’’ starring Michael J. Fox.

“That was his best friend’s name,’’ White said. “I always liked that name. It’s not that I don’t like Greg White.’’

In the movie, Fox’s friend is named Rupert “Stiles’’ Stilinski. White changed the spelling and adopted the name as his own.

Impressive. Almost as much as this.

Thanks Joe. Enjoy Mexico.


Black Belt Patriotism said...

Wow, it'd be awesome if he did the Stiles van surf dance after a sack - let us all pray for that (to Jesus, of course).