I'm Still Alive

Hopefully you all haven't completely forgotten about our blog. I've been neglecting it due to a heavy workload and the Thanksgiving holiday. Sorry about that.

I went to St. Louis with Hannah last week to hang out with my family and friends. We had lots of great and filling food, played a ton of Wii Mario Kart, I left my credit card at a Vietnamese restaurant, and went to the City Museum. Late Saturday night a group of us tried to go to the strip clubs in East St Louis. Of our two cars, one made it fine and apparently had the time of their lives, the other car (which I was in) missed the exit and drove around one of the worst parts of the country at 2 am in the rain on a Saturday night, trying to find our way and eventually heading home. A tough end to a nice weekend, but sometimes you've got to have an adventure.

Check out the City Museum's website. The place is unbelievable. Basically a playground made of salvaged goods that adults can crawl and climb and slide through. I've got an actual post in the works and hope to have it up tonight.


Anonymous said...


Happy your still alive and had a good time at the museum. We hope to see you again soon.


Nick said...


I miss St. Clare County.


emily said...

oh THANK GOD. it's been kind of slow at work and i need as much information on the internet as possible for reading material.