Merry Christmas...

from all of us here at the Wolfmobile.

It's been fun doing the blog this year. Kate, convinced me to start it and, along with Stevie and Shannon, added bits to it here and there. Joe (Dr. Radical) used his free time at work to send me juicy internet nuggets too. Nick (K & S) and Stevie, commented in offensive, weird and insulting ways, respectfully. Tom verbally reminded me how much he follows every time we saw each other. Hannah got very excited every time her name was mentioned and is always trying to get her friends that don't know me to follow the Wolfmobile. Also, she is an excellent girlfriend. For all this, we are thankful. Only about 20 - 30 people, on average, look at this thing a day, so it's sort of satisfying to think that they are all likely my friends and family.

My Christmas wish for 2009 is for more comments and contributing pieces.

Here's a video of some of my favorite Norwegians covering a great Christmas song as well as something to keep you warm through the night.

Thanks everyone.



Anonymous said...

Nick S's Monte Cristo Recipe

two eggs (egg batter)
2 tbsp milk
powdered suger.
slice of butter
two slices, white bread
half cup smoked turkey (from the smokehouse)
two slices of Brie
Fig jam spread

Slice the brie and melt over the turkey. cook in(oven)takes 5 min at 350. Dip bread in egg batter. (30 sec each side.) cook in butter. spread fig jam on the inside of both slices of french toast. Slide Brie Turkey onto sandwich and sprinkle with powdered suger. ENJOY.

bk said...

20-30? Not bad. As a faithful reader, let me say happy new year to you, stiles, and all of the gentle folks at the wolf mobile. Btw, your story of the priest is particularly shocking, but I appreciate you sharing it. I can only imagine the tough spot it put you in.