Cool Tumblr

I was just perusing the Tumblr Award winners page and I feel compelled to share one of them with my wee readership. For anyone who may not know, Tumblr is simply another blogging service (I use Blogger, Wordpress is another popular one) and it's pretty great for quick posts, pictures and songs.

The Best Audio Posts winner goes to a site called Songs You Used To Love. It lists one song each day. Each song was at one time, and possibly remains, extremely popular. There's certainly plenty of tunes to skip, but for the occasional memory jogging tune like this (Micah and I riding trains though Europe in 2002(?)!) it's totally worth your attention. I'm excited to see this in my Google Reader every day from now on.

As for other topics, this page is the winner of the Best Use Of Reblogging category. Lots of assorted cool stuff going on there.