Photo Wrap-up 7.27.08 - 1.17.09

Outside Weegee's last summer. The crash was loud.

buildings on the way home from Lollapalooza

Hannah found this at Lollapalooza and we carried it around for the day. It's now hanging on her wall.

Sometimes our office gets really crowded. Brendan is a good sport.

A protest regarding Chinese occupation of Tibet in the loop before the Olympics

I bought all these for $75 at a hip garage sale.

Fauzia and I saw these drunk girls at some Good Magazine party.

On the way to Michigan City, IN.

Tim Fite at the Hideout Block Party. Go see him if you get the chance. Such a fun show.

These flowers were sitting on a ledge in my courtyard and they matched Hannah's shirt and jacket lining perfectly.

In Grand Haven, MI.

Micah and Tom had a contest to see who could keep their feet in the cold lake the longest. After about five minutes of cold pain they gave up.

Chicago skyline on a guy's head.

At Lane Tech for the Curie high School football game. Kate teaches at Curie.

My dinosaur sandwich cutter.

This bottle of Planet Hollywood White Zinfandel was about 12 years old. Jason drank some and it was awful and the cork was disintegrating.

Chris and Jesse DJing some strange and almost tons of fun party.

This guitar was in the trash at Palmer and Kimball some night after I got off the bus.

The inside of the Andersonville Brown Elephant.

At a Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! taping at the Chase Auditorium. Dennis Leary was the special guest.

My place before Kate moved out.

back at Palmer and Kimball.

This pipe behind my fridge busted and flooded my kitchen. It sucked, but there was relatively little damage in the end.


Anonymous said...

Great post Stiles....love me some photo wraps.

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

nice pics, I quite enjoyed this post!

fauzia said...

haha, those girls were SO DRUNK. What may not be apparent is that they rolled down a ramp from the patio entwined like that...amazing.