Chicago = miserable?

I say no, but I'm a pathological optimist and blind champion for the city. Forbes says we're the third most miserable behind Stockton, CA and Memphis.

Lousy weather, long commutes, rising unemployment and the highest sales tax rate in the country are to blame for the Windy City being near the top of our list. High rates of corruption by public officials didn't help either.

My solution for miserable Chicagoans is to get a job, one that's near your home, and get a big coat. It's just that easy, right? Oh, and a bike. Gotta have a bike.

We can thank Bill "pound town" Jones for sharing this story with me.


Anonymous said...

THANKS FOR RUINING THE MOVIE FOR ME i thought it was maybe a love story

adam hartung said...

Chicago can be a better city. It needs to invest in infrastructure, and keep its intense effort to eliminate corruption. But, the most miserable big city? I think the folks in Detroit might even question this moniker. Read more at Http://www.ThePhoenixPrinciple.com