Notes from Stevie

Stevie, writing in a email about her Friday night out at a fancy art party (she works at a gallery by day) followed by a concert with her BF. I found it amusing.

posh indeed. re: art party: there was a delicious vegetarian meal and free booze. i was the youngest person there, and after taking a tour of the three story mansion on my own (donald's wife was cool with it), i sat at a table to snack on some nuts. their home is covered in contemporary art, of course, so there was plenty to look at. just then donald said dinner was served and i could start. the director of the MCA along with her husband, another gallerist, and a rich old lady collector sat with me and i got to listen to them talk about, idk, art and old rich people stuff. i chimed in when the subjects shifted to dogs, or patti smith's fashion. haha. i got drunk and had a small coffee and then went to see appleseed cast at bottom lounge. mark did sound for them and it was really fun. i got too high with the drummer and had to miss half of their set so i could sit down, drink water, and eat some fries.