Business Jargon

As a follow up to the last post on fun words and phrases, here's a list of business phrases and jargon:

Chime In

Button it up




Reach out aka Shoot an email

let's punt on this

Brendan replied with this when I asked for some favorites he'd heard recently via Twitter:
goanalog @Tsteph Intriguing question, let's touch base on this later on, I'll try not to fiddle-fuck around so we can be at 100% productivity

p.s. One of our bosses actually uses the phrase finger-fuck in a formal business setting, even in the company of ladies, on a regular basis.

p.p.s This related Onion article entitled "
Manager Achieves Full Mastery Of Pointless Managerial Jargon" is a hoot.


Hannah felt compelled to contribute her own list of non-business
phrases she really liked (but seldom uses):

If I had my druthers

In a coon's age

Ill advised

That gets my goat

The bee's knees

Come again?

Heaven's to Betsy

Nothing to sneeze at

What's good for the goose is good for the gander

Hot beef injection


Anonymous said...

You should continue this line of resource. I have a feeling you may be on to something.

whole heartedly,