SXSW 2009 Part 1

This last South By Southwest festival was fantastic. It was my fourth time attending and was right up there with my first time. I had a good group of friends, great weather, Hannah came along, our hotel was awesome once again, eat and drank well, scored some free clothes (a Dickies jacket, some Airwalks and a Brooklyn Industries T shirt) and I even saw a band or two. Honestly I could have seen a little bit more music, but I still came home with a renewed love of live music and discovering new bands.

These photos were taken by me, Hannah, Matt, Melissa Fischer, some guy named Ian at our party, and STV SLV.

Chris is a procrastinator and was only able to buy a first class ticket. This is first class on a small plane. Not much bang for the buck.

The view from the elevator at our hotel.

As is tradition, we got BBQ at Ironworks after picking up our badges.

Here's 6th street early in the day. At night it looks like Mardi Gras. It's kind of awful, but a small price to pay for the good times. Some Austin street pics.

Schubas held it's 13th annual Round Up, once again, at Yard Dog. Here it is before the action, with my great looking banner :).


Fauzia looks like she's giving Hannah a piece of her mind.

Steve doing an interview.

Shoes with springs in them. Spotted by Mike Schuba.

Chris/Bald Eagle/the guy that slept on the roll-away in my room for 4 nights.

Megan with Cassette & Count RockuLA's dog, Edie.

Langhorne Slim

Cassette & Count RockuLA

Hannah on the hobby horse.

Party-Boy and I modeling Dan O'Connor's annually produced thrift shirts stenciled with the lineup of the day.

Shepard Fairey was across the street doing a mural for some other party. He was nice and posed with these folks.

The Uglysuit

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour


Lissy Trullie

Moneypenny (Roctapussy)

After the party boss-man-Schuba took us to a fun Mexican meal. Check out Hannah's sunburn.



Melissa said...

man, you and hannah banana. so adorable. sweet sxsw round-up, tim. was fun!

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

nice recap stiles. your girlfriend is hot

Stevie said...

real posts = yey tim! i'm most jealous of seeing everyone in their summer clothes.

shannon, i second that emotion. sorry to objectify you, hannah.

Joe said...

Great stuff, Stiles. Glad to see you back in action.