Bad Brilliance, Five Buck Club, Dan Deacon Live

I found this picture in last month's Paper magazine (his story here). This is the same guy I saw outside Beauty Bar in Austin during South By Southwest. Well how about that.


On Wednesday I went to see Adventureland at one of the two Karasotes Theaters in Chicago for only $5. I'm sure I've personally told many of you about the Five Buck Club, but if you see movies in Chicago you really should get on it. It works like this: at Karasotes theaters (Webster 11 and Western 14 in Chicago), once a movie has been playing for around 2 weeks (or if it's bombing) you can see it for $5. The "club" is free to join and you only get one email a week telling you what the $5 movies are. Sign up here.

Oh, about Adventureland: I really liked it. It was from the director of Superbad, so I expected more of that type of humor, but this was much more cute or tender or something. More of a John Hughes coming of age thing, as my friend Jarrett put it, than a Superbad thing. Funny as hell though too. Anyway, check it out when you get the chance. Also, the music was great.


Hannah and I made a last minute trip to Metro on Thursday to check out Dan Deacon and his 14 piece band. Aside from his introductory rant about Metro being "deceitful" about the barricade situation (I imagine it was more of a misunderstanding as they're a very professional venue) it was a very entertaining night. The music was great and, as usual, he told the crowd to spread apart so he could moderate a dance contest or have them run in circles around the soundbooth. All very entertaining, as was the music. Near the end of the show he announced the plan for the human tunnel. Basically two people would create an arch with their arms, then two more people would run through and set themselves up as an arch next to the first two people, and so on and so forth until all the people created a human tunnel with everyone running though. The route started on the main floor, went down the stairs to the entrance, out the entrance, onto the sidewalk, back in through the store, back into the venue, back up the stairs and back onto the main floor. We expected a total failure because the security doesn't permit re-entry, but as far as I can tell they pulled it off. We went outside to get a better view and then left. Anyway, if you have any interest, go see Dean Deacon sometime soon.


Cassi said...

Dean Deacon, Dan Deacon. :)

Awesome show.