My Nephew, The Latest

This is my nephew Lennon. He lives in St Simon's Island, GA with his parents Chris and Dawn.

In other news:

-The trip to Kate's lake house in Michigan this weekend was excellent. Saw lots of Amish people, Tom caught a fish, I shot a pellet gun and bought a 6 months supply of pure maple syrup.
-Hannah moved in to my place last weekend. I hurt my back a little, but, thanks to Brendan, as well as Hannah's preparations, the move went smoothly. We're both pretty excited about the whole thing and the place is looking great so far.
-I saw Mastadon last Thursday. I got to go backstage and on their bus and the night was a hoot all around.
-Has anyone been to Five Guys on Clyborn at Webster? That's a great burger. The fries are fresh and come in a massive quantity.
-If you are on Twitter and a political junkie who wants to know some inside scoop on White House activities, follow Mark Knoller. I've really been enjoying his tweets.
-Tom thinks this news of the "ledge" at Sears Tower Skydeck is newsworthy and so do I. Now they'll have something more to compete with Hancock's drink and view deal.
-My first Critical Mass of 2009 was a success. It was short and sweet, but we had a nice posse including Julie, Jason, Jaime, Jayla and a first time ride by Tom (third mention!) and Ryan & Laura Dowling Keller. I took this photo on the early part of the ride while riding using my phone.


Tom said...

Hat trick!!