My Trip to Bonnaroo '09 in Motion Picture Form

I had the fortune of being invited to Bonnaroo this year as tour manager/assistant/all-around helper for my friends in The Hood Internet. It was tons of fun and all went despite a little heat and rain.

Back in 2003 I went as a regular camper. That was amazing, but I'm a little spoiled now so it was nice to stay in a decent hotel and get driven around, eat catered food and drink free. Plus we fly there.

I took Hannah's Flip video camera down there and tried to document the experience as best I could. Out of nearly 60 minutes of footage I whittled it down to 20, using iMovie 09. It's kind of long, I suppose, but I was there 3 nights, so whatever. Enjoy!


Joe Laser said...

Great job!!! i love it.

Chris R said...

Nice to see Beatle Bob rocking out to Russian Circles. According to Wikipedia he's going to be the subject of an upcoming documentary titled "Superfan: The Lies, Life and Legend of Beatle Bob."

SharkAttack said...

Stiles, that corndog really was huge. And for $5, in Tennessee nonetheless, such a bargain.