Photo Wrap-Up: 2009 until now - Part 1

Here are some favorite pictures of mine from this past year. Click to enlarge.

Graffiti outside Schubas

On Schubas' roof

Roan and Hannah

The lobby at Chicago's Civic Opera House during the Andrew Bird show.

Their bar. Seemed very Shining to me.

My parents dancing

My dad shooting pool

The mirror at Rodan

George Clooney at a great restaurant in St Louis. I was embarrassed when my dad was taking this picture and here I am sharing it.

Watching YouTube videos on someone's iphone at Kate's lake-house

Moving day

Bill "Sweet Shades" Jones and Shannon

Pre-Critical Mass

One of many Blago Run stencils around town

So poetic

This dog is adorable and needs a home as he's currently in foster care. My friend was showing him at an event outside Wrigley.

Colorful Jello shots

Smiley and frowny. They make a nice team.

"Instructions for Running A DIY Art Space"

A little boy and his mom outside the Hyde Park Art Center

Part of that same DIY Chicago Space show


Shannon Darling Dearest said...

Smiley and Frowny made me laugh. ha

kjp said...

tell me more about that cute dog who needs a home.

Adam said...

That cute puppy is a pit bull named Vito! He's available for adoption through New Leash On Life. We have adoption events every Saturday in Chicago for folks to come meet our dogs. If you're interested, check out our website or email me for more details-- adam@nlol.org

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

OMG Kate, do it! I'll watch him if you have to go out of town...he could be best friends with Rufus.