Girls On Bikes

Some possibly Dutch girls riding bikes in a gym, doing some insane tricks. The music is cheesy, epic and majestic, in that order. Their skills are mind blowing.

(via Brendan)


Stevie said...

tim, the blog needs some work. it's kind of like when stiles wants scott to stay the wolf, but scott feels like he can succeed as his true self, so there's a bit of a blow out. i feel like jason bateman goes through the same thing with stiles in teen wolf too (when they share a dorm with chubbs, obvs). the point is, entertain me.

Tim said...

I appreciate that you like the blog and care for its future, seriously, but unfortunately you're gonna get what you're gonna get. I won't alter my work or social life to make it better. Just a fun hobby for me when I feel like it.

I did spend a couple hours working on what I think will be a pretty cool post last night, however. Probably will be up this weekend.

I know you can't watch video at work, and I pity you for it, but you should watch this when you get home though. It's some Cirque du Soleil shit.

Ryan said...

These babes have Germany written all over them.

I think they'd be boring to talk to.

Tom said...

Now, I feel even more embarassed that I can't ride without hands on the handlebars. Thanks Tim.