The Michigan Lake Blob

Last weekend we took a (last?) trip to Kate's parents' lake house near Sturgis, Michigan. While prepping the boat for a voyage, Hannah discovered the blob. It was about the shape and size of a human brain. The outside had the appearance of a soft coral. We removed it from the water, dropped it on the grass and proceeded to violently dissect it with a shovel. The inside was a gelatinous substance that had no noticeable odor. Despite suggestions, no one tasted it.

A quick google search of "lake blob" led me to this post about a similar blob. I can see why Chris thought it was full of spiders at first glance. This high res photo is stolen from their lake blog.


Desi said...


Great research. My mind is at ease now that we know what that thing is.

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

that is so gross.

Maggie Puckett said...

maybe pectinatella magnifica?