The Loud House on Damen

On one of my bike routes to work I pass a house on Damen Avenue just north of Diversey. The owner make signs and hangs them from the balcony for all the passers-by to read. They're usually of a political nature, but sometime just more general social commentary. I started taking a pictures of them last summer.


vivian said...

I drive by their house a lot too - on my way to being a full blown consumer at Costco, a mom on a mission in a minivan and yes me too finds their comments wonderfully poignant and funny. During the last of the Bush years, there was a lot more heat and protest I thought. It must be tough getting wedged in between those brown and silent elephants. Keep those pictures coming, maybe we can drop suggestions into their mailbox?

Bill Jones said...

Awesome, I like this whole progression through photos business. Keep up the good work.