Round We Go

About three weeks ago my married friends Ryan and Laura left America for a one-year trip around the world. Their jobs are quit, stuff sold or in storage, money saved and they're off. I think it's totally awesome and ballsey as hell. They've got a long travel history already so I'd guess they know what they're getting into. A year of travel is not a vacation, it's a lifestyle. Over the next year, and in the following order, they'll be hitting cities in South America, South Pacific, SE Asia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Europe, Africa and South America again, arriving back in the Chicago (I assume) in November 2010. Details here. Here's a quick video of the route.

They've got the requisite Facebook at Twitter profiles, as well as a blog that I think is really well put together and extremely well written. Plenty of pictures too. Everyone should give it a good look, whether you know Ryan and Laura, respect the traveler's ways or just appreciate a good blog.


Bill Jones said...

Awesome post... makes me want to do the same!