Portland 2010

I went to Portland, OR, a few weeks ago with Hannah and our friend Tom. We hung out with Hannah's ATL friend Chantale. She was an amazing host and successfully sold Portland to the three of us. That city has great food, good people, excellent nightlife/strip-clubs, amazing bicycle infrastructure, all in a beautifully lush climate. I recommend it to all.

Multnomah Falls

Cathedral Ridge Winery

After-party in the garage

We had to carry our bikes up to this bridge. Well worth the effort though.

Goonies house in Astoria

Tom in front of the Kindergarten Cop school. Turns out he does a great impression of the villain in that movie (this guy).

Atop the Astoria Column

Haystack Rock aka the Goonies rocks in Cannon Beach

More pictures here if you're curious.

As usual we brought the Flip camera. Hannah did a great job editing it into what I think is a thoroughly pleasant home movie. Please check it out.


Kelly said...


cloois said...

totally awesome! looks like a great trip. did you go to powell's or forest park?

Tim said...

Neither actually, but we did lots of other cool stuff!

Nick said...

I absolutely love Hannah's video's. It's pouring rain in St. Louis right now but I couldn't stop smiling when I was watching this. I love you guys.

Your the best.


Hannah said...

Thanks Nick! Makes me feel good to know someone appreciates my amature moving making skills.

YOUR the best.

Tim said...


Your all the best.

Tim said...

Hannah, I've got bad news for you. You misspelled amateur.

I wish Tom would comment. I even gave him a tag. That's what happens when you leave Facebook.

Hannah said...

I cringe at misspellers. My apologies people

Fauzia said...

Wow! This is so great!!! (10 yrs late, sorry.) And I have bad news for all of you -- it's "you're," not "your."

But you're all still the best.

Hannah said...

she tolllld you