Tree Hugger

I'm a Trader Joe's enthusiast. I'm enthused about a lot of stuff. Bikes, music, dancing, gadgetry, blogs. Yesterday a coworker asked "Tim, on a scale of 1-10, how big of a tree-hugger would you say you are?" I told her I felt I was at least a 9.5. Maybe that's just a goal, but for some reason, I get super excited about stuff like recycling and carbon footprints and such. Conveniently, that sort of thing is super trendy right now and I make sure to follow all trends with vigor. I still haven't started composting because I'm saving up for some indoor kit, so.... we'll see how that turns out. Anyway, I fancy myself an environmentalists of sorts.

After a TJ's (yeah, we're down like that) trip last night, I was unpacking groceries and simultaneously cleaning the cupboard when I decided I was never going to finish the can of John McCann Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal. I like my oatmeal AMERICAN and John McCann sounds too much like John McCain, aka Grandpa Munster ("My friends.."). After I dumped nearly the whole can's contents - not very tree-hugger since we all know food waste is way bad for landfills (really gotta get on that composting) - I wiped out the inside, cut a slit in the center of the lid and my new coin bank was born. My savings plans just got a lot more exciting, am I right?!
This is all reminiscent of the Simpsons episode when Flanders leads Bart's boy scout troupe.

Ned: Well sir, just apply a smidgen of peanut butter to an ordinary pine cone and you've got yourself a makeshift bird feeder!
Bart: I'm outta here, man.



Shannon Fitzgerald said...

ummm, this blog is genius. and with all your insightful thoughts and opinions, it's about time I say. also, I hate oatmeal - I only like cream of wheat...just adding to the discussion.

Tim said...

What about Malt-O-Meal? I used to eat that shit UP?

Shannon Fitzgerald said...

no way - Cream of Wheat is my warm breakfast cereal of choice. But I really just prefer a good omelet.