Never Gonna Give You Up

Bad move by the Top Chef judges tonight. A great episode throughout except for the final choice at elimination. I don't want to give it away so here's a recap if you follow the show or don't mind spoiling it. I know I'm the guy that wore a nearly-pink velour sweatshirt and bought these shoes today (Mistake? Perhaps), but between the Crocs and his headband Richard Blaise is killing me with his lame style.


This song has been in my head for about a week now.

The Pointer Sisters - Automatic


Brian is hands down my favorite Family Guy member.


STV SLV sent me this gem. It's title on the Youtube post is Unspeakable Music Gear Douchebaggery.


The new Hood Internet mixtape drops Tuesday (free and on their site only, as usual). It's 100% full of Chicago artists "mashed-up". Until Tuesday, enjoy the excellent and hilarious photoshop artistry of it's tracklisting HERE.


Thanks to Shannon and Steve for the guest blog. It was a hit. If anyone else has something you think we might want to read or look at I'll set up a contributor account we'll make some magic.


Katy said...

i agree that dale should not have been sent home. it totally should have been lisa. myself and others agree that she has a pretty bad attitude...but last night i was paying close attention to her and realized that she doesn't have that bad of an attitude. plus, some of the best chefs in the world are assholes, ie gorden ramsay. so then i was thinking maybe people hate her b/c of her looks. that sounds super horrible and mean, but i think it's true. people totally create biases all the time based on peoples' appearances. reality tv is supposed to be an accurate representation of the many "normal" people around us, but for some reason they all happen to be good looking. but not lisa. i don't know, it's just a theory...

Tim said...

Both of their attitudes are horrible, but she's also terribly unattractive. This is true. She also has horrible style. She puts fuel on the fire of my theory that lesbians, for the most part, are not a very fashion forward bunch, Carmen excluded.

I know they don't factor in performance on previous elimination challenges, but if they had done that Dale would never have been eliminated. He has a much better record and she's been hanging on by a thread. We'll see what happens next week.