Architectural Booze Cruise

On Saturday I had the pleasure of taking part in my second Chicago Architectural River cruise. On this one I was joined by my brother Nick and Erin, Katie and Mike. Also, 90 minutes of open bar and intermittent rainfall. In spite of the showers, we were all very impressed with the whole experience and I highly recommend any Chicago architectural tour by river.
Click on the pictures for larger views.

Our docent...

That's the new Trump Tower Chicago under construction ahead of us. Check out the "Intro by Ivanka Trump" on that link for a look at the completed version and a tour of the rooms.

Close up view of the same building...

This was lowering as we passed. I took a video, but the process was very slow so just take my word for it.

Some of the bridges we passed under were only a foot or two above the roof of our boat.

I really like the way these last two photos turned out.

I'd gladly go for a third cruise just like this if anyone is looking to check it out.

The next addition to our skyline will be The Chicago Spire, completing in 2011. It's totally amazing (that website is too actually). It will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere and the tallest all residential building in the world. We rode past the fresh construction site and it's really small, considering. It will be on the north side of the river where it meets Lake Shore Drive. Our docent told us that the prices will range from $750, 000 for a studio condo to $40 million for two entire floors near the top.