The Sigg Bottle

I ran into an old friend a few weeks ago who I hadn't spoken with in probably 5 years. It only took a minute or so before she started talking about her current obsession, the Sigg bottle. I'd seen Kelly's last time I was in Seattle so I was familiar, but I didn't know there was a whole scene around it. In fact, the formerly mentioned old friend is a member of a Facebook group called The SIGG Water Bottle Appreciation Society, which boasts a whole 141 members.

So here are the facts: They come in two sizes (0.6 liter and 1 liter), the bottle itself is made of aluminum and therefore recyclable, they have 144 different designs (most of which are quite cool) according to their website, they're Swiss made, and their biggest selling point is that they're a safe alternative to most plastic bottles which apparently leech chemicals into the liquid contained in them. They are also marketed as a green purchase since the user is theoretically using less disposable water bottles.

I used to be one of those guys that always had a Nalgene bottle with him, but I got tired of the plastic-y taste in the water. Since I love water and don't like running up and down the stairs every time I want another glass at work, I decided to buy one and see why everyone loves them so much. Also, I was able to get it for free due to a store credit I had at REI.

I've had mine for two weeks and it has two dents from being dropped. I'm sure there are more to come. It still looks cool though. The mouth has a great shape for drinking and the water does taste just like water out of a glass. Now I drink about 3 liters of water per work day and probably one more at home.

When I first bought it, it was out of curiosity, a need to drink more water and the fact that it was basically free. Now I'm officially an advocate for the Sigg water bottle. $20 is a lot to spend on a water bottle, but in retrospect, even if I didn't have the store credit I would pony up the cash.


Shannon Darling Dearest said...

Great post Tim - the essence of what Stiles Wolfmobile is about

Kelly said...

I LOVE my Sigg Bottle. Nalgenes got nasty real quick and I would spill all over myself. Now, I have fresh-tasting, cool water all day long. Hooray for Sigg. The dents add character.

Joe said...

As the roommate of a Sigg owner, and a friend of Stiles, I have to concur fully with both of the above comments. Hooray for life!