Critical Mass, Stay Smooth

I would like some company tomorrow for two activities:

Critical Mass. The monthly bike ride that takes over the Chicago streets. All skill levels welcome. It's generally tons of fun and we don't go fast or anything. Basically, if you have a bike you should come along. You might see a new part of Chicago. It leaves Daley Plaza at 6 tomorrow (Friday) and goes about 2 hours, although you can leave whenever.

Stay Smooth featuring DJs Bald Eagle and STV SLV with special guests The Silver Seas.
It's at Schubas in the music room at 10:30. The music is smooth yet dancey: "70s Am Gold, 80s FM Rock and contemporary smooth gems". It's fun as hell and I've been to all of them so I should know. This is the 8th I think. It's $5 but I can hook up a list spot if you're cheap like that.

After their Close Encounter of the Smooth Kind this past March, Bald Eagle & STV SLV returned to their homes. While spending time apart and putting the pieces of their lives back together, both were visited in their dreams and asked to “search for Smoothlantis.” While neither one recognized the visitor in their dreams both were able to describe in full detail the beauty, mystery and smoothness of this “bearded man in white.” Without map or compass in hand, Bald Eagle & STV SLV chartered a boat and headed out on Lake Smoothigan. Using only the memories of their dreams and the killer soundtrack of The Silver Seas - formerly known as The Bees (U.S.) - to keep them company, the two have pledged to find, document and reveal Smoothlantis to all those worthy.

Smooth attitude suggested and proper attire requested: captain’s hats, jean shorts, short shorts, sailor shirts, knee high socks, friendship bracelets, sunglasses, beards and staches, feathered hair, chest hair and flip flops.

People who either buy their tickets in advance or RSVP will receive a "Drink Card" (courtesy of DIESEL U:MUSIC) that will be good for 1 free drink (well booze or tap beer) at the back bar/music room bar.

RSVP to katherine@urchicago.com

Anyway, email me if you want to tag along friends. I feel like I can post this because I see the stats and I know for a fact that only my friends read this. That's fine with me, I'm just explaining myself.