Magical Underpants

So, I just went to the bathroom (perhaps more info than is necessary, but I think it's relevant) and was looking at my underwear. The pair I wore today has my initials written in marker on them. Why, at 27 years old, do I have a pair of boxers with my initials on them? The reason is that I wrote "T J S" on the waistband of this pair just before embarking on my Outward Bound trip so I wouldn't loose them, I suppose. This trip was in August of 1998 just before my senior year of high school. 10 YEARS AGO! I have underwear on that's 10 years old! Not only that, they're in perfect condition. I bought three pairs of these Patagonia Capilene-silk boxers for the trip (we were only allowed to bring 3 pairs for a 3 week trip). I still have all three and only one of the pairs has some fraying on the elastic. I have to say, that's amazing. Ten year old underwear that still holds up? I've always had love for Patagonia and this is why. Expensive as hell, but extremely durable and good to the planet.