Camera-PHONE Wrap-Up (5.22-6.10)

Damn, I'm hungover today. And my wrists hurt, from biking I assume. And my knee is bruised from when I hit it on the bar at work yesterday. And I'm supposed to go to three barbecues this weekend. Good with the bad I guess. Here are some photos from my phone.

Lakeview, or whatever Schubas' ward is, now has blue bins. When will they come to Palmer Sq?

At dinner in St Louis with the parents, grandparents...

Snake infused Patron tequila. It wasn't bad actually.

Laura before the reception...

Micah and Ryan (the groom)...

The Kellers are patriots, according to their doormat.

The Kenny Rogers-eque evangelist at Culvers on the way back to Chicago. Tom, if you're reading this, please share your thoughts on this experience.

STV SLV at Six Flags Great America

7 flags, one at half mast for memorial day.

Part of the Lincoln Avenue 1920's transformation for the movie Public Enemies.

The wind was blowing up a gale just before this happened.

Sid, the dog, sitting on a bar stool.


tom said...

What a joke! "Kenny" was a self-righteous prick. Honestly, you have to be quite the narcissist to bring someone who is asking for some sort of guidance, spiritual or not, to a Culver's and then talk them into tears at the table so you can comfort them and use yourself as a model for humility or some other bulshit. It just seems like a real dick move to me.