Millennium Park Audio Picnic, Downtown Cheap Eats

Last Monday night Hannah and I went to Millennium Park for part of their summer concert series. Monday nights are the Audio Picnic shows and this one was DJ'd by three Chicago minimal/ambient DJs; Telefon Tel Aviv, Kate Simko and Miles Tilmann. It seemed like it might rain, but we packed up a blanket and a bottle of wine and headed down anyway. Good thing we did, because the night turned out to be a gorgeous one. We were there from 7 to 9 so we got to see the sky get darker and the city lights turn on with it. The Pritzker Pavilion is beautiful by day, but the color changing lights reflecting on the metal around the stage make it pretty amazing at night. Also the music was quite pleasant.

Even though it had rained about an hour before we got there, the grass was sittable because it's engineered to drain within 15 minutes of a shower.

This little girl and her brother were born to dance. Watching children at concerts is fascinating because it really shows that dancing is a thing people are naturally compelled to do when they hear a good beat. The kids were loving it and the mom and the other woman acted as if this is what always happens when the kids hear music. They were also soaked from having just run through the fountain.

I think I've started to figure out the best settings on my camera for night shots.

I think she took this one...

I know this might be the most photographed thing in America, but this might be the best picture I've ever taken. Please click on it for a closer look.

We decided to top off the lovely night with a trip to Billy Goat Tavern where I got a burger and Hannah yelled at the bartender for being a jerk to me. I guess I don't take shit from nobody or something. More out of curiosity than hunger, we then headed to Italian Village to spit a small entrée. It was easily the worst meat ravioli I've ever tasted (seriously, Chef Boyardee could show this place a thing or two), but our charming waiter and the kitschy decor made it worth the quick trip. This is the type of place you go before your ninth grade dance. Awful and amazing all at once. Please do yourself a favor and check out their website.

Here's a tune from the night's headliner.

Telefon Tel Aviv - My Week Beats Your Year