Here's a video about the work of Brendan Scanlon, the 24 year old graphic designer/street artist who was killed on the other end of Palmer Square (the park in front of my place) Saturday night. This is a link to a brief story about that case from the Trib. The whole thing really messed with me because of the horrible way he died and the fact that it was so close to my place. I came home about an hour before it happened. I don't really walk on foot around there in the middle of the night, but certainly do bike home at all hours. It's good to know that they have the likely killer in custody, but every time I see one of his SOLVE stickers around town (and they're all over) I'll have some horrible and sad thoughts. I saw two on the ride to work today. People get killed all the time in Chicago and I'd never met him, but I guess this one was closer to home, literally and figuratively.

More of his work on his Flickr page.