Pitchfork Was Fun, Cut Copy Still Rules

Cut Copy, one of my favorite artists, barely made it to Pitchfork Music Festival in time for an end of night 20 minute set. Short, but extremely sweet. Definitely the highlight of the weekend for me. They posted this nice message on Myspace this morning and now I just love them more.

Things will probably be slow around the Wolfmobile this week since I do lots of prep work on it over weekends and this weekend was booked.


Kristen said...

thats sweet. do you want me to pass on the info from our recycling program when we get it so you can report it to your loyal readers and encourage them to support sustainability and waste minimization?

Tim said...

Yes, a wrap-up of the festival from your program's perspective sounds very interesting. Send me the text and any pics and I'll post it post-haste.

Speaking of the September Chicago return of Cut Copy mentioned in their message above, here are the details:

Wednesday, September 17 at Metro:
Cut Copy and The Presets

I can only speculate that one or more of them will DJ Smartbar after too.