What can I say? I like to look at naked people from time to time.

Based on the sites I currently subscribe to through Google Reader, it suggests others I might find interesting. I guess because I have Big Fun in my subscriptions, and lots of music blogs, Syntheticpubes popped up as something I should consider. I just spent a solid hour looking through about the last 400 posts. It's mostly really cool pictures of lightly dressed or naked people (generally women), but there's also posts of songs and commentary and just generally awesome pictures and design. It's pretty sexy stuff, no doubt. Lightly porny at times I guess, but it's weird to think of such awesome pictures as porn. Whoever this dude is, and I'm pretty sure it is a man, he's got great taste in music and pictures. If you've got time for some NSFW internet and aren't afraid of nudity, check it out. I figured after I hit the "share" button on two posts I might as well shout out an exclusive post about it.