Yet Another Chicago River Architectural Cruise

Stevie, Hannah and I went on another architectural Chicago river cocktail cruise yesterday. My third one, in fact. Stevie was crying as the boat set sail due to her crushing anxiety, but a Xanie-bar and our charming docent Pat put her at ease after about 10 minutes. Like my last trip, it rained basically the whole time, but it was still quite enjoyable. Pat's approach to the lecture was more generally historical compared to my last docent who was very focused on the architecture itself. The event was a going away party of sorts for our friend Adrian from her job, which I gather she hated. Her coworkers were yacking it up the whole ride, about some middle aged women nonsense I'm sure. Jamie Smith likened Pat's delivery to the unpopular kid in elementary school reading a book report. It was good, but underappreciated by the majority. I didn't take many pictures, because I think my post about the last cruise I took pretty much covered it.

"Of course I'd like to take a picture with two lovely young ladies!"

Chicago from the south branch of the river...